Talent Development

Forget work-life balance. Work has merged with life. When executives don’t play to their strengths – or worse are unaware of their strengths – it limits their capacity to make a difference to their organization. Firms today are changing so fast that employees must craft their own jobs. The best people to shape, challenge and reinvent their roles are not those in the boardroom, but employees themselves.


  • Executives start by uncovering their strengths with tools such as the TalentSage 360°assessment
  • Participants gain a deeper understanding about their development needs by working though a model of engagement that examines autonomy, competency and belonging
  • By exploring their own strengths, leaders explore how to activate a coaching mindset to help their co-workers and teams uncover their strengths


  • In a psychologically safe place, participants experiment with who they are at their best and what they need to do differently to climb the competitive curve
  • Build your organization's coaching capacity – managers often report that having a coach is one most important tools to advancing their careers
  • Participants walk away with the confidence and skills to chase the right opportunities, develop new skills and play to their strengths