Strategic Execution

95% of CEOs think their people are committed to their strategy but 80% of senior executives don’t know what the strategy is. Once a strategy is announced, it’s up to managers to implement it across their divisions, departments and teams. It’s the ultimate test of leadership – getting things done through others. In this module, we introduce participants to a five-step model for executing strategy that pays off.


  • Participants explore strategy shifts and why great strategies sometimes fail through real-world business examples
  • Individuals act as advisors to the companies in the cases using an alignment framework diagnostic tool. They offer recommendations for executing strategy
  • Participants team up to address live strategy challenges in their organizations. Through peer coaching and using the framework as a guide, they leave with concrete ideas to enhance their strategy implementation


  • Participants return to the workplace with an action plan to improve their strategy execution
  • Leaders reinforce and contextualize what they learn every step of the way through a strategy challenge relevant to their organization
  • Bolster the confidence in your high potentials’ strategic abilities – inspiring higher performance across your firm