Measuring impact

Your success is our success.

Let’s face it. Thanks to mobile, we’re more informed and better connected than ever. That’s why our solutions are seamlessly connected to your bottom line – we offer transformation, not just smart information you can consume on a smartphone. For every client, we provide innovative learning solutions connected to your vision. For every participant, we deliver immersive programmes matched perfectly to your goals. ​


How we measure impact: ​

  1. Strategic goals – We start with the end in mind. There is no one-size-fits-all aim so we work with you to design relevant objectives.

  2. Culture pulse surveys – Measure the impact of development on your organisational culture.

  3. Workplace application – Record evidence of new-found skills or knowledge in the workplace.

  4. Career progression and retention rates – Trace promotions and track engagement.

  5. Team behavioral change – Map collaboration and coordination across teams.

  6. Customized KPIs - set by you to help meet your ambitions