Leading Inclusion and Engagement

Research demonstrates that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially. But bringing a group of people together because they are different won’t draw out their best. Capitalizing on the potential of diversity hinges on people’s abilities to manage inclusion. We explore what it means to feel included, strategies for managing the impact of each personality on the group’s performance, and how to foster a sense of belonging and engagement while helping employees express individuality.


  • We review what science tells us about unconscious biases and why more action is needed to create inclusion
  • Through simulations and debriefs, participants learn tactics to build and sustain inclusion and a tool to track progress in building more inclusive networks
  • Participants team up to test the skills necessary to create a sense of belonging and inclusion, including:
    o Asking powerful questions
    o Modelling a curious attitude
    o Developing listening skills
    o Checking assumptions


  • Foster an inclusive workforce, attract diverse talent, encourage participation and nurture innovation
  • Participants gain insight into why inclusion is critical to the success of their organization
  • Executives gain the skills to engage their teams and develop practical techniques rooted in best-practice