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Addressing constantly-evolving needs to inspire higher performance in an ever-changing world is tough. Analyze your needs by exploring some of the most pressing challenges facing our clients – and our approach to solving them. And if you need something customized, we’ll do that too.

Executing strategy

What’s the most difficult challenge your company faces when it comes to strategy? Strategy lives and dies by execution. Despite the commonly-held assumption that strategic thinking is the biggest blocker to organizational performance, a deep well of research shows that execution is a major barrier to success.

Strategy execution pivots on aligning the firm to the strategy. Are the right people in the right seats? Do your policies and procedures hamper or bolster your strategic goals? Is your culture tightly focused on landing results? It takes the right people, policies and culture for strategy to pay off.

Our approach at a glance

Understand and close the gap between the time spent sculpting strategy and the time spent executing it for results. We review the four essential ingredients – organization, people, policies and culture – and share the latest thinking tried and tested on business practitioners who execute strategy every day. Using an alignment tool, participants analyze and make recommendations for example cases and take a lens to the role of culture in executing for results.

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Leading organizational change

Hand on your heart. Do people within your organization fear the unknown? Who can you count on to lead and execute your organization’s transformational change program?

You need more than luck, timing and early adopters to lead change. You need a dose of inspiration, great communication and organizational capability.

The human brain is hardwired to rely on ingrained habits – particularly in turbulent times when change is vital. Habits stop change from happening. Forcing change won’t work. Leaders must galvanise people. Individuals must understand the purpose of change and where they are heading in order to play their part.

Without the right culture, experimentation and storytelling, how will you drive sustained, organizational change?

Our approach at a glance

Join forces with some of the world’s change sages to develop your leaders, incite company-wide commitment and make change happen. It has become cliché to say we live in a VUCA world. Today’s business environment requires leaders – up and down the organization – to have the mindset, skills and tools to anticipate and adapt to ambiguity.

We explore the psychological, social, structural and cultural barriers to embracing and activating change.

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Building balanced, inclusive and engaged workforces

Recent reports show that, alarmingly, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. The economic consequences of the now global norm that the majority of employees are disengaged are around US$7 trillion in lost productivity.

When motivation plummets, so too does performance. As the world becomes more hyper-connected and flexible working surges, the war for talent is starker than ever. To attract, get the best of and retain diverse executives, organizations must match up to the promises they publicly make. They must create a culture of openness and capitalize on inclusion.

Organizations owe it to their workers and the economy to turn indifference on its head. The dissatisfied are not your worst performers: they give you their time, but not their best ideas. They likely show up wanting to do meaningful work – but nobody has ever asked them to put their strengths fully to use.

Our approach

When employees feel engaged by their work, they take an active approach and are dedicated to the firm. There are practical steps managers can take to encourage and sustain engagement. Drawing on the latest research, we work through an empirically-validated engagement framework with participants. Our behavioral tool – Principle of High Expectations – works alongside the engagement framework to boost performance.

Engage your people

Reimagining organizational culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, runs the popular adage. When a firm is lauded all over the world for innovating, but then punishes its people for experiments that fail, that’s a major cultural issue. The same goes for a business that needs to adapt to compete, but is slowed by decision-making traffic and a creative organization that needs to collaborate but is fragmented across silos. Culture must match the strategic needs of the firm.

Culture – whether it’s to innovate, adapt or collaborate – is built from the inside out. Refocusing organizational culture takes serious skill. The management challenge – to increase a discretionary behavior that must be inspired, not forced – is significant.

A cultural mismatch can drain performance, from profits to employee retention. Strike a cultural match and create a sustained, competitive advantage.

Our approach

Any strategic change in direction requires a culture review. Start by being honest. What is your culture? Our immersive culture audit techniques help you form answers that truly reflect the state of your organization today. With the audit done, reimagine the culture. If your cultural fabric is not aligned to execute strategy, the strategy won’t pay dividends. Our tools support you to bridge the gap between where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to shift beliefs, behaviors and processes with a tailored business strategy.

Focus your culture

Developing future leaders

Do you have a strategic plan for your high potentials? Top-performing managers may be known for their current success, but they won’t transition into global business leaders without developing skills for the future. Often, star players’ past successes can stunt their professional growth. Makes sense. They are time poor because they are busy delivering results. They are knowledgeable and often pigeon-holed for their specializms.

Future leaders must define who they want to be as well as the unique contribution they can make to an organization’s strategic goals. Yet few aspiring leaders are encouraged by their firms to test old assumptions and experiment with new possibilities. The most forward-thinking companies know that they must invest in their talent if they want to build a leading edge or see their market advantage surge.

Our approach

Take strategic charge of succession planning and collaborate with us to build a talent pipeline that supports your organization’s goals. Through evidence-based insights, coaching and peer-group feedback, your key players will challenge and develop their skills on an intensive learning experience.

Invest in future leaders

Accelerated impact for developing women as leaders

Despite compelling evidence that inclusion and diversity in leadership positions boosts organizational performance, the number of women in senior roles remains low. For example, women make up less than 17% of corporate board members in America’s 500 largest companies.

Even when organizations have the best intentions to support their top female talent, few have the support systems, skills and techniques in place to make a real difference. Female leaders face unique challenges that, if left unchecked, can prevent them from reaching their true potential. Barriers such as unconscious bias, scarcity of role models and a shrinking peer group as women rise up the ranks can make accelerated impact a frustrating effort.

Our approach

Women executives rarely have an opportunity to share their leadership experiences in a dynamic and supporting environment. We help women embed skills to help them claim their place at the table and accelerate their careers.

Drawing on empirically-validated research, we share tactics to help women leaders negotiate better outcomes for themselves and their teams. Participants leave with a surge of confidence, easy-to-use leadership tools and network of senior women leaders, empowering them to take hold of their careers and reach the top.

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