Initiating and Sustaining Change

There’s no shortage of research showing that most change programs fail. Today’s dynamic environment requires leaders – up and down the organization – to take a proactive approach to change. Do your leaders have the skills, tools and fearlessness to anticipate and adapt creatively to the unknown? Companies must increasingly react to shocks in the marketplace, new business models and shifts in behavior. The stakes are high, the pressure is on. Drawing on cutting-edge psychological and organizational research, we help senior leaders rethink how they are approaching their organization’s challenges.


  • Leaders explore the psychological, social, structural and cultural barriers to embracing and driving change
  • Participants discover key tools, tactics and techniques to overcome the barriers to change
  • Individuals are given the time and space to experiment with new tools – and map how to influence their network and adopt change


  • Boost confidence in your senior leaders who learn how to lead in uncertain times and explore their emotional response to uncertainty
  • Participants leave with ultra-practical tactics for being more effective change leaders
  • Change leaders leave equipped with an action plan to inspire hearts and minds and put purpose centre stage