Executive Teams

Even the best executive teams need to invest time developing their group dynamics. Put your best people in one decision-making unit, and chances are that sooner or later people fall back on old habits and rely on learned behaviors. Traditional learning with a high-pressure executive team working through pervasive, deep-rooted challenges won’t do. We take a more tailored approach.


  • We offer executive team assessment and dynamics, an offsite for the executive team
  • The group engage with a live case simulation exercise, examine their strengths and weaknesses and unite on aligning goals
  • Through a team simulation, individuals make strategic choices about selecting a director
  • Executives develop an agreed checklist and end the day with a renewed team contract


  • Improve your executive team’s collaborative capabilities so they can rapidly synthesize complex information and make optimal decisions at pace
  • Offer executives a window into the overall working practices of your organization
  • Through a common language and fresh perspectives, leaders leave ready to make a significant business impact