Collaborative Capacity

Even just mediocre collaboration comes at a cost.

  • Do your people have the ability to collaborate rapidly, virtually and on a project-by-project basis?

  • Are your people armed with the tools to work with individuals from different groups, with diverse experiences and perspectives?


Lay the groundwork for success by providing talented employees with the tools to get more out of their teams and the opportunity to form strong, trusted relationships that empower their success.


  • Executives start by examining their preferred style of collaboration with a personal assessment such as the TalentSage 360° assessment
  • Participants engage in teamwork with a dynamic Managing Innovation immersive activity
  • Through a PB Technologies team activity, individuals discover the challenges of coordinating diverse information and effective decision-making


  • Build your organization's capacity for collaboration by equipping your high potentials with the skills to work together across functions, boundaries and borders
  • Participants walk away with a deeper appreciation for collaboration – why it’s essential, as well as the major pitfalls
  • In a psychologically safe place, participants experiment with new behaviors and reinforce their learning.